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Live the Dream is a program created to inspire students to live out God's purpose and destiny for their lives, and encourage them to overcome challenges that often impede their dreams. We believe in the scripture found in Luke 18:22 that says, "What is impossible with man, is possible with God." Through the Live the Dream Program, we desire to build an atmosphere for students to believe in what God says is conceivable for their lives. 


Our theme for this year’s Live the Dream initiative is “Pioneer”. This concept is birthed from the truth that each of us was born to be forerunners for Christ, claim territory for the King, and establish His kingdom here on earth.

Join us as we celebrate the amazing futures of our World Changers! We invite you to LIVE THE DREAM with US! 

Sponsor a Teen

Help realize the dreams of a Teen!

Live the Dream Magazine

Check out our latest Live the Dream Magazine! In here we have interviews with successful Godly professionals, information on careers, and photos of our last Live the Dream event.

Live the Dream Videos

Each year for our Live the Dream Month, our production team releases a special original documentary highlighting the lives of awesome world changers who have overcome odds and are successfully living out the dreams of their lives. Check out our two featured documentaries from 2014 and 2015 here.


Submit an Essay

Submit an essay for a chance to win one of our Live the Dream Scholarships! 

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