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Greetings World Changers! What an amazing LIGHT, Youth Quake 2017 we just had! God moved in such a mighty way! We were blessed by the awesome Spirit of God and encouraged to BE THE LIGHT for HIS Glory! We learned that no matter what darkness may be surrounding us in the world, the GOD IN US IS BIGGER AND BRIGHTER than any gloom or night! WE are called to BE THE CHANGE, that GREAT CITY set upon the HILL that cannot be hidden that's found in Matthew 5:14. God called us to display His goodness to the world by the way we live our lives... this means we have to keep the FLAME LIT and the fire burning in our hearts! Lighting up the world for Christ starts with US!



This summer, we want to invite you to join us for a 21 day student devotional challenge called "It Starts with Me". This will be a fun exciting journey that will help you begin to put in motion all the great things you've learned this summer and begin to BE THE LIGHT in the world! 



Thank you for joining with us as we continue to SHINE for Christ during the summer and prepare for all He is doing in the new school year to come! 


THIS IS YOUR TIME TO SHINE BRIGHT! WE look forward to seeing you guys EVERY SUNDAY @ 7pm as we commit to making a difference for the KING! Remember, YOU ARE CALLED TO BE THE LIGHT and no darkness can hide from it! 



For the KING, 

The Planet Rock Dream Team 

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